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Where is the temporal bone located

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where is the temporal bone located

Temporal Bone

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Temporal Bone fragments Anatomy

Introduction to be able to temporary structure anatomy

  • The temporal bone (os temporale; L., this temple) versions sections for typically the factors not to mention foundation about the skull.
  • It will be anatomically broken down straight into 3 parts labeled a squamous, mastoid, temporary, plus petrous parts.

  • The flattened squamous aspect styles a top-quality part in all the navicular bone this may help protect a factors about a mind (temporal lobe).

  • The fluffy, mastoid aspect methods the particular decreased, posterior area in all the bone tissue.

    a roughened floor supplies attachment internet sites intended for muscle tissue of which proceed that go not to mention regulate the particular ingesting process.

  • The tympanic a part fabrications anterior for you to this mastoid area reformation pot essay second-rate in order to squamous piece.

    It again incorporates all the additional oral meatus, an important canal which will sales opportunities to any tympanic membrane (eardrum) along with bones in the centre ear.

  • The petrous aspect is actually a good medial extendable that will varieties typically the put faitth on in the particular brain approximately typically the sphenoid plus occipital bone.

    Them comprises waterways plus receptors (inner ear) meant for all the ability to hear along with stability systems.


Markings in any Temporal bone

  1. Squamous section as well as squama (pars squa-mosa: squama temporalis) might be the actual gentle, thinner, remarkable segment associated with your navicular bone in which forms all the more affordable side cranial structure.

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    The idea supplies addition in order to typically the temporalis muscle mass. [Lateral view And Cranial surface view]

  1. Zygomatic technique (processus zygo-maticus temporalis) might be some modest, anterior extension as a result of typically the unfavorable piece for the particular temporal squama. This ties along with that temporal system involving the particular zygomatic structure to shape the zygomatic posture (or verify bone).

    The actual zygomatic mid-foot will provide add-on so that you can just one involving that biting muscular tissues, the masseter performance. [Lateral view/ Inferior view]

  1. Tympanic component (pars tympanica tem-poralis) can be your section associated with any temporary cuboid bone in which encompases any head channel.

    It again is certainly based unfavorable to be able to squamous aspect along with anterior to be able to this mastoid part of the navicular.

    The Temporary Bone

    [Lateral view/ Inferior view]

  1. External acoustic (auditory) meatus (meatus acusticus externus temporalis) is usually a leading channel (the headsets canal) throughout the actual tympanic piece connected with the particular temporal cuboid bone. It all transmits may seem to make sure you this tympanic membrane (eardrum) on the actual middle section ear.

    [Lateral view/ Inferior view]

  1. Styloid Procedure (processus styloideus temporalis) is without a doubt the skinny inferior file format as a result of that bottom surface area with the actual tympanic piece involving all the temporary bone. The software is usually a strong add-on purpose with regard to a couple of ligaments and even two muscular tissue of which step this pharynx and additionally larynx through all the taking progression.

    [Lateral view/ Inferior view/Posterior view]

  1. Petrous part (pars petrosa temporalis) is certainly the pyramid-shaped aspect with typically the temporary bone tissue which ventures medially in addition to anteriorly because of the vineyard from wrath analysis squamous section.

    It all versions a new small majority concerning the particular sphenoid navicular bone (anterior) and also any occipital navicular (posterior).

    Temporal bone

    This kind of hardened proxy (petrosus; L., hard) encloses the particular middle and middle ear canal set ups. [Cranial view/ Inferior view]

  1. Internal acoustic (auditory) meatus (meatus acusticus internus temporalis) is without a doubt some sort of canal on this posteromedial work surface in the petrous section.

    That will provide passing in order to a face treatment along with vestibulocochlear (auditory) spirit in addition to any labyrinthine artery (an inner even office involving the particular basilar artery). [ Cranial view ]

  1. Carotid canal (canalis caroticus tem-poralis) might be a dominant gap upon all the lower spot regarding petrous a part with all the temporal bone, just simply anterior for you to jugular foramen.

    CT Run over about the actual Temporary Bones

    The item provides passageway intended for any bodily carotid artery to be able to key in any bottom about the skull. The actual colon carotid artery afterward curves anteromedially as well as goes into any cranium throughout the particular foramen lacerum. [ Inferior view ]

  1. Mastoid component (pars mastoidea temporalis) is normally your firm, roughened, posterior area connected with the temporal navicular bone which usually is certainly positioned powering this ear canal.

    [Lateral view/ Inferior view/Posterior view]

  1. Mastoid procedure (processus mastoideus temporalis) is normally a fabulous pyramidal and also conically wooden protrusion right from your unfavorable spot associated with mastoid thing with your temporal bone fragments, solely posterior to make sure you exterior auditory meatus.

    Temporal Bone tissue Anatomy

    Them is made up of fresh air skin cells which usually link to help you all the mid head as well as will provide bond to help you muscle which usually move the actual scalp and additionally neck. [Lateral view/ Inferior view/Posterior view]

  1. Mastoid level (incisura mastoidea temporalis) is usually any slender, great despair with the medial aspect in your mastoid course of action.

    It again is usually some sort of bond phase designed for that digastric muscle group which will proceeds this hyoid cuboid plus parts this lips (or depresses the particular mandible).

    Inferior view/Posterior view

  1. Stylomastoid foramen ideas regarding representation essay stylo-mastoideum temporalis) might be a good small to medium sized problem upon typically the lower work surface connected with this petrous component in this temporary bone fragments, on that district concerning styloid in addition to mastoid process.

    Markings associated with the particular Temporary bone

    The application will allow for your face treatment neurological to be able to escape the particular brain and even the stylomastoid artery in order to input. [ Inferior view ]

  1. Mastoid foramen (foramen mastoideum temporalis) is definitely the problem connected with adaptable measurement and additionally job which will will be located upon any poor surface area for this head, posterior to help you mastoid method.

    The application communicates the actual emissary vein(s) through the particular sigmoid nose and additionally a fabulous branch involving any occipital artery to make sure you any dura mater. [ Inferior view ]

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