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Cause of vietnam war

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cause of vietnam war

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For some sort of filled track record in battles on Vietnam, see Collection regarding conflicts concerned with Vietnam. Designed for typically the documentary television for computer show, see All the Vietnam Conflict (TV series).

For various utilizes regarding "Nam", check out Nam (disambiguation).

1955–1975 contradiction within Vietnam

Vietnam War
Chiến tranh Việt Nam  (Vietnamese)
Part in typically the Lead to from vietnam gua Battles along with any Frosty War

Clockwise, gingerich meltzer 2007 top rated left: U.S.

resist procedures on Ia Đrăng, ARVN Rangers protecting Saigon during typically the 1968 Tết Attacking, a couple of A-4C Skyhawks just after the Gulf involving Tonkin experience, ARVN recapture Quảng Trị at the time of the 1972 Easter Unpleasant, civilians fleeing typically the 1972 War involving Quảng Trị, together with funeral in 300 people associated with that 1968 Huế Massacre.


Military support:

  •  Taiwan
Commanders along with leaders

≈860,000 (1967)

≈1,420,000 (1968)

  • South Vietnam:
    850,000 (1968)
    1,500,000 (1974–75)21]
  • United States:
    543,000 (April 1969)22]23]
  • Khmer Republic:
    200,000 (1973)24]
  • Laos:
    72,000 (Royal Military services as well as Hmong militia)25]26]
  • South Korea: 50,003
  • Thailand: 32,000
    (in Vietnam27] and additionally Laos)28]
  • Australia: 60,000
  • Philippines: 2,061
  • New Zealand: 55213]
Casualties plus losses
Total marine dead:

Total marine wounded:

(excluding GRUNK together with Pathet Lao)
  •  South Vietnam
    195,000–430,000 civilian dead29]30]39]
    254,256–313,000 navy dead40]
    1,170,000 wounded42]
  •  United States
    58,318 dead;43]
    303,644 hurt (including 150,341 not necessarily requiring hospital care)A 3]
  •  Laos 15,000 dead49]
  • Khmer Republic Unknown
  •  South Korea 5,099 dead; 10,962 wounded; 5 missing
  •  Australia 521 dead; 3,129 wounded50]
  •  Thailand 351 dead51]
  •  New Zealand Thirty seven dead52]
  •  Taiwan 31 dead53]

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