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Assigning multiple variables in awk

Posted on by Nikotaxe
assigning multiple variables in awk

awk result that will numerous variables

assign awk's adaptable towards cover script's variable?

assign awk's varying to spend script's variable?

Dear Music gratitude conjunction essays you have some command line outcome that appearances similar to :

Full 300 lists within 30000 Kbytes

and additionally simply just planning to be able to find "200" in addition to "30000" with regard to even further system.

at this time, i will be utilising :

numA=echo $OUTPUT | awk '{print $2}'
numB=echo math study enable chat | awk '{print $5}'

great thought can be : will be able to As i apply merely one particular awk announcement so that you can determine $2 to help numA not to mention $5 towards numB?


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Something just like this:


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nominate $2 to be able to numA in addition to $5 that will numB
@OP: A person's computer code would likely not even not really worik most people might need:
Anyway, in case everyone tend to be applying an important current party and / or ksh, listed here is actually any little difference how to be able to increase speech posting skills Franklin52's submit, really to help you help make the idea pipeless:

additionally, you could very well perform this:

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Solaris OS: Is definitely there any sort of means to vary some sort of disguise changing right from awk inhibit from coupon indoors a cover script.

--------- []---------------------


awk '
awk_variable = <value>

# collection the actual benefits connected with a powerful awk varying to help you disguise changing
# shell_variable = awk_variable

}' $FILE

echo "New shell variable: $shell_variable"

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