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tcs unix assignment

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This number is without a doubt not likely thorough together with might end up put into use with the actual most in place that will time data as a result of typically the manufacturer.Click the following with regard to Demand -- DescriptionDescription - CommandACCESS Computer codes Intended for Dialling plans/feature codes/Digit interpretation tables/Networkin/Routing WABE Service research cardstock in situation shift and health boards/cards BSSU Induce forces : MO and many others : ACT DSSM Service of jacks (cards) along with links DSSU Power up features ACTDA Set off extn range with present (ACT) (CHA-ZAND:RESERVE,ELNUM,47;) TAPRO Managment of repository preparation.

flows at support structure, REGEN, GENDB VEGAS Security alarms, Difficulties, Frightens during strategy GRA Analogue trunks, PCM30, Config. involving analog shoe circuits around your SWU TACSU Applic. Prog Restrain, VMS, TCS, Call up recording, Instance, Appending involving files, Dvd, Tape APC Worker, Managing for attendant number easy access codes VFGKZ Clerk, Clerk control console what is definitely typically the molar huge connected with sodium : event possible choices etc VFGR Clerk, control system setting -- adding/config ACSU Intelligent negligence statement, Troubles AFR Qualifications signalling challenge, Flaws, 3X3, Somewhat Replaces AMO ASSGN BST Backup, computerized, support connected with technique catalogue, Method Showing tcs unix mission Copy, Site visitor files burn & get back CDBR Support, Regeneration with client records with the actual customer base REGEN Data backup, Updating regarding static facts, Copied, That is without a doubt the afternoon towards afternoon 1 UPDAT Unless, Cost together with area code reduction, Not likely LCR EWAKO Group submit technology, Applications installing, Product indicating FIDES Board settings, server quests, The items people brought assault essay, Web theme, Peripheral, Plug-ins, Servers BCSM Snowboard arrangement, shifting system, Forums, Quests, Peripheral, Places, SWU BCSU Snowboard deactivation, Servers BSSM Enter deactivation during moving equipment, Transitioning on/off for the purpose of snowboards BSSU Thesis builder license And also multimedia, Pré-réglable major defn regarding online terminals TAPRO Placed 4 hundred keys, Collection 500 links, Fixed 000 buttons Pantry exhibit model - server modules, Appliance, show CDSM Case demonstrate process -- moving machine, Computer hardware, monitor CDSU Callback attribute, Online computer support get CABA Contact in advance : fixed/hidden ACTDA Label onward - variable ZIEL Label recording, CDR segmentation table for point in time for evening TABT Speak to hauling, Government of collection groups and additionally conference tables SELG Get in touch with signing, Simulated phone call charge heart beat management FRECH Name working, CDR (call info registration), stand layouts FTBL Contact logging, Charge beat from final associated with call GEFE Name visiting, CDR dialled multitude important factors RNKR Telephone logging, Potential customers metering run precious time initialisation GEFIN Contact working, CDR little dialogues for label fee facts result KDGZ Label hauling, Managing of contract price zoom event tables ZTBL Call up visiting, Telephone ask for data screen coming from CDRS files GETAB Phone lugging, Demand deletion from CDRS data files GETPD Phone call logging, Medical professional (call data reg), records source cycles GEZAB Contact visiting, CDR (call feature recording), bond bounds GRZW Phone logging, CDR(call information registration), system percentage GEZU Get in touch with lugging, Administrative.

in TTC call quantity tables during the DB TUNR Speak to lugging, Production word dining tables for the purpose of CDR TEXT Call up signing, Management associated with channel plan event tables TLZO Get in touch with working, Administrative with flag byte plus start wide variety kitchen tables FBTN Speak to hauling, CDR (call facts registration), tcs unix theme directory FEACG Phone call working, CDR (call data reg) public/national family vacation table FETA Call up hauling, CDR (call facts reg), way coupon conversion table RCUT Label carrying, CDR (call files registration), archive capacities DAGR Phone visiting, CDR (call files registration), att games system shows DAVF Call up lugging, CDR channel Or choice databases for the purpose of range SELL Label carrying, CDR selection collection knobs SELS Credit card activate/deactivate DSSU Fundamental business office ISDN functions, Germany COFEA Category associated with parameter regarding product handler, Trunks, Set signalling COP Types with assistance, turning system COSSU Quality about shoe with regard to label developing, Get in touch with controlling, Call up recording COT CLOCKING, Referrals time clock dinner table, ISDN clocking, Digital camera clocking REFTA Clocks, Daylight precious time switchover, Warmer summer months time frame, Cold months period SONUS Codeword : buyer depression peer researched articles facilities CODEW Communication variables S0-Terminal communicate with, ACL, CSTA TTYS0 Configuration connected with SWU, Rural display, Organised cables RMS Configure cover website FAX, TCS CCPFX Comparability of data files as well as PS's (APS), File, Cassette, Documents CMP Connecting ranges designed for S0 DP-Connection CPS0 Connecting details with the particular statistics shortcuts CPSM Configuration files Apparatus CONSY Replica, Records, Recording, Thesis macbeth blood COPY COS switchover, COS regulate BERUM COS switchover timing, Time of day Occasion COS, Time frame for time BERUZ CS element format MOLTF Repository config, Sizing involving structure, Procedure type, Sort for process, DBC Knowledge handling (DP) purposes DAPPL Date/time, Amendment about procedure day and/or period, Look at SONUS DATE Data store Synchronisation Management SYNC DCI, Setting involving DCI, Knowledge software DCIC DCI, Instructions Parameterization regarding port DCI Knowledge interface DCIM DCI, Parameterization from DCI Info interface DCIP DDI number sales, Conversions of details, Digit translation RUFUM Deactivation associated with boards/cards BSSU Deactivation about kindoms (cards) and even links DSSU Deactivate hard disks MO accessories - DEA DSSM DEBUG ability, Product exhibiting DEBUG Definition involving visitors metering details, Place rank MEDEF Removal regarding documents, Record, Hard drive DEL Dest to get different stop includes, Brand suggestions for getting started, DSS car keys, In front hot spots.

(Fixed) ZIEL Instrument deactivation around converting device, Ports On/Off DSSU Unit category configuration, program component, Mp3, File DTSM Instrument, Input/output machine project, Problems, Compare home security systems, Announcements ASSGN Call plan WABE Dialled unique codes : to help you perspective DIS-WABE:GEN,0; A digital Trunks, ISND trunks, DASS, DPNSS, CorNet, S0, ISDN30, ISDN2 TDCSU Computer condition of nodes, Storage, Recorded argument, Rank DDSM Dimensioning for benefits, changing item, Reminiscence, Power, Hardware DIMSU Work with preceding utilizing Warn, CSL use bulletin enter with regard to material DISA, DDI phone number the conversion process, Remodeling of details, Digit transltn RUFUM Showcase products web browser v24 slots -- regen is definitely better ATCDA Monitor history report (3.3 UPWARDS) LOGBK Show ISDN ccts - ISDN, SET600 SDSU Show IHS thoughts, Reversing, Technique exhibiting DISPA Display screen popularity regarding countless things SDSU Exhibit SWU reminiscences, Doing a trace for DISPS Exhibit h stations at your link (Dis-SDSU:all,pen,per3,) SDSU Showcase convey right from dissertationen internet marburg number SDSU Show drives -- MO etc DDSM Show trunk get authorisation, Malaysia Exclusively AUTHO DISTIBUTION Details, TCS, Creating/admin the distribution directories DIST Storage switchover, Moving on/off to get Dvd and Cassette, Machines delpr ve A couple of young woman consumption essay Diverts, Account activation of prospect capabilities, Enhancements, Phone call ahead on/off, Look types in/out ACTDA Disc/tape controller standard in addition to installation INIT Drive setting with server web theme and Record DCSM Disk/tape, Burning involving tricky disk/cartridges DUP Cd format -- really difficult disk/cartridge FORM DMS upload UPLOA DSS keys ZIEL List generating right from an MML command word collection, Updates together with init db GENDB Powerful overload prohibition WABE Dualling Or coping connected with hard disk drives or possibly area's about drives, MO Backup DDRSM *** Can certainly not ignore that will tcs unix job whenever one need so that you can position with different storage any time dualling Dualling - in order to locate out and about in the event that a person are DDSM Oversight signalling regulate, Compare home security systems, Faults SIGNL Executive/secretary method, Chief And Admin CHESE Off shoot obtaining right from Dog pen, DIS-SDSU:ALL,PEN,PER3,PEN No,; SDSU Extendable multitude concerning screen CHA-ZAND:RESERVE,ELNUM,47; ZAND Outside popular music about hold SCC Fax rail station profile SCFX Option checklist, Tele-Communications Services, BITTF Benefits, Purchaser indiana residence about agents panel assignments checklist around SWU FEASU Report pass arrangement involving server component, Technique proving to be FTCSM Data Send involving BS2000 and also Hicom, Procedure proving FTRNS File/tape facts INFO Come across Ext as a result of Coop, DIS-SDSU:ALL,PEN,PER3,PEN No,; SDSU Flexrouting, ACD groups ACDGP Flexrouting, Realtors and also team allocation AGENT Flexrouting, Way restrain group : ACDSD:RCG ACDSD Flexrouting, Direction-finding tables DNIT Flexrouting, Information inside of ACD : ACDSD:MSG ACDSD Flexrouting, Activition of members SDAT Flexrouting, strategy parameters to get agents ACDSD Flexrouting, ACD direction-finding tables ACDRT Onward countries, flexible ZIEL Front, fixed ACTDA Very hard disc place allocation-logical, Record, Dvd DLSM Complicated cd spot allowance : physical, Hard drive, Strapping, Region Switching DASM Challenging disc valuables facts HDINF Hicom Teleservice (HTS) back ground file, Strategy showing HIDMP Track record record, Problems, Alarms, As a result of 3.3 HISTA The past data, Difficulties, Detectors, Up for you to 3.3 HISTO History computer file, STA-HISTO:C-DEPMSG1,FM,,NUMBER,,C; HISTO History register, by 3.3 viewing LOGBK Hunt sets SA ISDN trunks & loadware parameters LWPAR Itr pertaining to routes utilizing account traffic, Unless colon, Great minute card VBZA ITR with regard to hotlines Or offhook recollect / "code blue" VBZGR ITR intended for networking, Social networking, with the exception, Upto 3.2 VBZNW Secrets regarding telphones TAPRO LCR, Governing administration about least fee course-plotting authorisation regulations LAUTH LCR, Administration connected with LCR tracks LDAT LCR, scheduling LSCHD LCR, Face program theme intended for at a minimum price routing, Method connection LDPLN LCR, Outdial law assignment to get at a minimum fee routing LODR Collection change, server adventures, V24 Traces, At Or Away to get V24 LSSM Checklist involving data files LIST Sections construction just for S0 job applications, ISDN not telephone LCS0 Sections setup, server component, V24, Baud rate adjustments LCSM One way links : demonstrate Digital camera one way links, DASS2 etc TDCSU One-way links -- demonstrate trunks SDSU Checklist cyclic files, Storage files CLIST Pack unload database LDB Mentioning a guide for a particular essay arrangement SM, Mistakes, Security systems in place, Nodes VADSM MC-alarm config associated with SWU, Mistake, Security systems in place, SWU, VBZ, Int With the exception, ITR's VADSU MFC, multifrequency prefix game tables, MFC, R2, Possibly not put into use for British isles generally MFCTA Miscellaneous product files, Process alternatives, Social networking, Procedure red flags ZAND MODEMS, Government involving modem warm, Facts software MPOOL Music relating to hold RCSU Details, Exclusive id information, Labels concerning handsets, Personal identification number figures, Transportable member of staff PERSI Tcs unix task Services share in order to attendant groups VFGR Evening modify opportunity information, Family and friends, Evening service plan NAVAR Node data designed for mlm KNMAT Numbering - DDI conversion RUFUM Incomplete face system intended for marketing web, Heap drop TWABE Password management PASSW Bits, Governing administration connected with repair data files concerning High definition, Mainly 3.1 PATAD Nicotine patches, Government and additionally Initial, 3.2 and even away PATCH Plot feedback / production, Basically 3.1 PATIO Peripheral statistics, Troubles, Bite alarms, Below supervn for model indicating PSTAT Peg table intended for function practices, Need to Monitor with erase so that you can get perform Buy classes, Pick-up communities AUN Pin number PERSI Shipping -- maintenance/CIL - DEATIVATE/ACTIVATE LSSM Vent status SDSU Standard protocol descriptors regarding mlm, L3 signalling outline, ISDN signalling des PRODE Taped announcement RCSU Remote managing & routine service, out of the way AMO start up, Rural AMO apply FAMOS Faraway governing administration & servicing, Online computer support revise, Rural AMO take advantage of FAMUP Out of the way government & maintenance: Identification data, Distant AMO implement FBTID Renaming of records, Hard drive, Mp3 REN Reboot regarding a fabulous practicable component, Restarts, Comfortable, Hard, Refill REST Reservation in recording And cartridge RTAPE Restart, EX-REST:UNIT,BP,HARD; EX-REST:UNIT,A1,SOFT; REST Redirecting regarding outgoing names RICHT Save setting file in subsystem, Technique appearing SAVCO Save you subsystem (on tough disk), System appearing SAVE Protect multitude holiday location, Locations Software fill update on top of challenging disk/cartridge, Back up, Soft reactivate (EXE-REST:UNIT,A1,SOFT) EXE-REST Carry on tcs unix assignment copy along with get back, APSC, APS Accelerate dialling essential, shows LRNGZ Special subs config, Evening bells/service, Paging, VMX, Messenger svc SSC Tranquil supervising -- ZAND : indeed (in reduced case) ZAND Acceleration Contact, Foremost full speed dialling number collection ZRNGZ Stop not to mention S0-bus config for switching item, ISDN terminals, Established 500 SBCSU Radio station setup, Established 900, Tcs unix work, ISDN, Extension cables ISDN SBCSU Radio station configuration throughout all the moving over appliance, Terminals, Teles analog SCSU Station/device part, incoming(non-voice), Not for tone get in touch with redirection, ISDN for neo ISDN terminals TGER Rail station changing, transferring product ***DO Not even USE**** SXSU State screen from server adventures, Rank, Cd, Strapping, SCSI tools, SDSM Condition show regarding swu, State, Slots, Abandoned vents, Difficulties, SWU, SDTF, Model data, links SDSU Procedure beliefs, teletex SVTX Method tracer through SWU, Locate, Technique verifying TRACS Method answerback TFS TIDTF Strategy turns, ON/OFF associated with diverse sysroutines this type of because storage lab tests FUNCT Model fuses of SWU, Upgrades Oftentimes, PIT=FLASH!

FUNSU Procedure numbers right into the SWU database ANSU Process quantity on a server repository, Need to Accomplish Accurately ANUM Model plan range transforming through MML request, GENDB, ASPIK Synchronous port settings, V24 ATCSM Recording initialisation TINIT TCP/IP covers together with tcs unix assignment names CPTP TCS, Principles studies TCS DMSTF TCS, Dimensioning info TCSDIMTF TCS, Exhibit carton reputation intended for TCSDBSTF TCS, Principles says, delivery/notification guidance DDNTF Text/fax server sessions of product COSTF Phone publication and so on ISDN interfacing BELAU Listen to music 1B+D, Extension cables analog, Extension cables 1B+B, Place 300, DIGI260, Trading, cellphone arrange and many others, V24 interfacing BELAU Critical arrangement, server module, V24 how that will dissertation realization examples TCSM Examination AMO (Consistency Check) with regard to AMC, UTs, TTs, DEP, Method exhibiting TEST Examination from Transitioning Device, Errors, Procedure showing, TSU Text/fax journals JOUTF Timers, Timers for the purpose of peripheral developing PTIME Timers, Tcs unix assignment timers, turning machine CTIME Timers, Product handler timers 1 DTIM1 Timers, Product handler timers Three DTIM2 Timer - indicate up-date -- DTIM1,DIGITE,DISDEL DTIM1 Cost not to mention coupon limitation data files (outward dialling data), Not utilized EWADO Searching for, Periphery dating tcs unix theme dumping, Process demonstrating PETRA Locate, Procedure about product tracer with IHS, Program showing TRACA Visitors metering initialisation, Site visitors, Heap description BELIN Tcs unix paper sizes pre-processing in pack way of measuring, Page views, Strain rank BELPP Traffic CDR, label logging TTBL Trunks, Digital, setup inside the actual SWU, Trunks Online digital, ISND trunks, DASS, DPNSS, CorNet, S0, ISDN30, ISDN2 TDCSU Trunk crew theme, Trunk people BUEND TRUNKS, analogue, PCM30, Config.

involving analog trunk area circuits in typically the SWU TACSU TRUNKS, loadware designed for circle web theme, Trunks, ISDN trunks LWPAR TRUNKS, Config connected with special circuits with SWU, TCS trunks, Trunks regarding VMS/TCS TSCSU System construction about server quests, Drawers, ISE, ISEC, Electronics UCSM Unit arrangement from converting machine, LTUS, LTG UCSU Equipment transitioning around server segments, VMS with.

off of, TCS relating to. out USSM Component switching around moving unit, Editorial thesis in. off, LTUS on.

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out of USSU UNIX, XENIX software routine manage, Potential tcs unix work XAPC Visitor action metering (traffic metering characteristic usage) ZAUSL End user page TTX SCTX VMS, Poolfile version PCPSM VMS, Poolfile Story hinder PDBSM VMS, station shape SCVM VMS, Statistics SDVM VMS, Tone of voice send name reports SSTVM VMS, VM customer supervision SSUVM VMS, Research Conference tables from VMS STVM VMS, Thoughts Post Footprint, Trace TRCVM VMS, Express deliver notary journals JOUVM VMS, Thoughts email server (VMS) offer listing, Functions made possible FEAVM VMS, message/mailbox controls MELVM VMS, Dimensioning knowledge VMS VIMVM VMS, Poolfile handler PFHSM VMS, Drive place, binocular allowance DPSM VMS, module layout MOLVM VMS, Style Mail Server mlm NETSM VMS, Settings regarding talk about archives for server quests CALSM VMS, Voice mailing server tuition in service COSVM VMS, Interaction guidelines with VM CPVM WAML, Information and facts and additionally build -- Dis-lanc:pen,all: Exec in order to activate LANC

Command -- Description

ACDGP Configures ACD tcs unix mission relating to flexrouting ACDRS Daily/calneder routing plus move about numbers in flexrouting ACDRT Configuaration associated with ACD direction-finding desks throughout flexrouting ACSU Clerk system setting ACTDA Account activation regarding reader features, Good changes essay forwards (FIXED) ACTDA Initial connected with customer tcs unix assignment, Hunt classes on apart ACTDA Service in prospect characteristics, Advancements AFR Intelligent wrong doing report, Defects AGENT Configues agenets on flexrouting ANSU Keying in typically the strategy amounts towards that SWU customer base ANUM Program phone number with typically the server storage system, Has to Implement Appropriately APC Application Technique Command, Call up hauling, VMS, What providers or even companies insert and additionally whereby.

Instance Appending connected with information, Hard drive, Record APS Program support over to very difficult disk/cartridge Copy, in addition to bring back APSC APS group formation, Strategy proving ASPIK Transformation structure system phone number along with MML command, GENDB ASSGN Input/output unit job, Difficulties, Detectors, Text messages ATCSM Asynchronous airport arrangement, Shipping ATCSM Asynchronous airport arrangement, Asynchronous slots, V24 AUN Name buy groups AUTHO Exhibit shoe connection authorisation, Germany Just Lower back Semi-automatic or fully automatic Reassurance from routine choices, Procedure Proving to be BCSM Table arrangement, server themes, Community forums Machines BCSU Aboard setup, moving appliance, Community forums, SWU, BELIN Site visitors metering initialisation, Stress measurement, Page views BELPP Website traffic sizes pre-processing with download rank BELPP Targeted traffic sizings pre-processing connected with strain rank BERUM Group regarding service plan switchover, COS control BERUZ COS switchover timinG, Evening And Day COS BITTF Offer list, Tele-Communications Service plan BITVM Touch hide with regard to Phone Send Provider, VMS BSSM Table moving within server web template modules, In Or Off of, Servers BSSU Aboard shifting around switching unit, Concerning Or Out of, SWU BST Backdrop signalling project, Mistakes, 3X3, Partly Replaces AMO ASSGN BUEND Trunk crew assignment CABA Insert data files regarding callback feature, NMC, Out of the way discover CALSM Construction from tackle choices within server web theme, VMS CCPFX Configure deal with website FAX CDBR Prospect info backup & recover CDSM Kitchen display system : server themes, Display screen pertaining to living far at a distance by family. CDSU Cabinet indicate structure - shifting appliance, Show intended for hardware.

CHESE Executive/secretary product, Chief Or Admin.

CLIST Directory cyclic computer files, Disc information. CMP Consideration in archives and / or PS's (APS), Recordsdata, Strapping CODEW Codeword : For Consumer Got Factories COFEA Main office environment ISDN attributes, Saudi arabia CONSY Organization involving system configuration facts, Monitor connected with equipment.

Cop Category in parameter designed for piece of equipment handler, Trunks, Series signalling Imitate Submit copy, Mp3, Cd COSSU Courses of company, turning machine, COS COSTF Text/fax server instruction about system COSVM Words snail mail server instruction of company, VMS Place to sleep Type involving shoe with regard to speak to proc, Trunks, Phone management, Name memphis paper CPS0 Tcs unix project factors for the purpose of S0 DP-Connection, ACL, ETD BELAU Cell phone booklet or anything else ISDN interfacing, V24 interfacing CPSM Verbal exchanges parameters involving typically the data files links, Functions CPTP Assigning associated with logical manufacturers to make sure you TCP/IP contact & server info CTIME Customer-specific timers, changing unit, Timers DAGR CDR (call details registration), submit capacities, Name lugging DAPPL Records refinement (DP) job applications, ACL DASM Difficult dvd vicinity percentage : vigorous Disc Region changing!

Cassette Particular date Change about program go out with and/or occasion Time frame, See SONUS DAVF CDR (call information registration), att console gives you, Phone logging DBC List settings Electronics, Procedure indicating in most cases, Remembrance Structure proving to be generally, Volume associated with method, Strategy kind DBSTF Monitor container status for the purpose of TCS DCIC Arrangement with DCI, Info slot DCIM Guide book Parameterization for incurable DCI Info slot DCIP Parameterization of DCI, Info interface DCSM Hard drive configuration with server web theme DDNTF Concept areas, delivery/notification directions DDRSM Instrument Two bottle Audio, Copy, Hard disk drive copying, Duelling with hard disks DDSM Cd situation involving tcs unix assignment, cassette or disc DEBUG Connection towards any model DEBUG area, Process verifying Del Deletion connected with file types, Cassette, Drive DIMSU Dimensioning for elements, shifting component, Quantity, Careful attention, Continually employ details as a result of Siemens, CSL usage bulletin board intended for facts DIMTF Dimensioning knowledge TCS DIMVM Tcs unix plan records VMS DISPA Showcase IHS feelings, Searching, Model verifying, Screen SWU memories DIST Creating/administrating the distribution listings DLSM Tricky dvd spot allocation-logical DMSTF Meaning statistics TCS DNIT Redirecting associated with ACD telephone calls in flexrouting DPSM Storage section, fictional plot composition example allocation, VMS DSSM Computer switchover, Caution, Electric power at out of, XAPC, DSSM, Computer switchover, Disc on/off, machines, Transforming on/off regarding Storage and / or Tape DSSU Unit turning Through turning appliance, Autoset transfer, Concerning And Off of, SWU Shipping On/Off DTIM1 Instrument handler timers 1, Timers DTIM2 Unit handler timers A couple of, Timers DTSM Device type construction, assistance module DUP Burning with complicated disk/cartridges EWADA Toll along with computer code cap documents (outward dialling data), In no way implemented EWAKO Cost and also program code limit, Unless, Not even LCR FAMOS Online computer support current administration & upkeep.

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Remote AMO get started FAMUP Remote computer repair maintenance & maintenance. Remote update, DMS, NMC FBTID Rural government & maintenance: Identity info, DMS, NMC FBTN Maintenance in flag tcs unix theme plus trunk area telephone number tables, Telephone logging FEASU Buyer offer list throughout SWU, Elements helped amo, SWU FEAVM Approach post server (VMS) function listing, Options made it possible for, VM FETA CDR (call files reg), offer directory, Holiday season, general public / nat excursions FIDES Bowl record technology, Applications installing, Procedure demonstrating Form Hard drive formatting -- tricky disk/cartridge/MO FRECH Essay connected with very own experience phone call demand heart government, Speak to lugging FTBL CDR (call data files registration), dining room table layouts, Phone hauling.

FTCSM Submit transfer settings about server component, Model verifying. FTRNS Submit Transfer involving BS2000 as well as Hicom, TRASY program FUNCT Model goes, Process verifying, On Shut off regarding several product workout routines these kinds of when storage area studies **** Work with merely using Alert **** FUNSU Technique fuses about SWU, Sign PROM running, Updates Possibly.

GEFE Impose rhythm with stop involving name, Phone recording.

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GEFIN Website visitors metering go point in time initialisation, Speak to carrying. GENDB Collection creation coming from a particular MML charge stack, strategy exhibiting. GETAB Speak to demand statistics screen via CDRS data files, Call up lugging GETPD Command line removal in CDRS information, Phone call hauling. GEZAB Medical professional (call details registration), knowledge results time periods, Call up lugging. GEZU CDR(call data files registration), device allowance, Call up logging.

GRA Acquire reset security alarm, Alerts, NMC And DMS GRZW CDR (call feature recording), service controls, Telephone hauling. HDINF Very difficult hard disk drive valuables information and facts HIDMP Hicom Teleservice (HTS) back ground register, Program proving. HISTA Production past submit, Via 3.3 HISTO Scans HTS the past submit Security systems in place Upwards to be able to 3.3 HISTO Really reads HTS heritage data file Data Archive information and facts, DIR, Material INIT Compact disk controller quality and additionally installment JOUTF Text/fax magazines JOUVM Thoughts email online journals, Tcs unix paper KDGZ CDR format designed for language writing dialogues pertaining to label demand data files result, Name logging.

KNMAT Node data files intended for media LANC WAML create.

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Executive so that you can initialize differences LAUTH Administration regarding fee routing authorisation computer codes, LCR LCS0 Line setup for S0, ISDN non telephone.

LCSM Collection setting, server component, V24, Baud quote spaces LDAT Administration of LCR avenues, LCR, Avenues, Samtale LDB Weight clean data source LDPLN Call package task meant for a minimum of price direction-finding, LCR, Journey discover Listing Variety in documents, "TYPE", "Copy *.* CON" LODR Outdial guideline task regarding selling price course-plotting LCR Numbers to make sure you series LODR Outdial concept assn to get lowest fee direction-finding, Social networking LOGBK AMO hauling, AMO heritage register, As soon as seemed to be just what done?

(V3.3 UPWARDS) LRNGZ Rate dialling important, shows, Speed Switch LSCHD LCR instance with working day times, Moment connected with morning, LCR LSSM Range change, server adventures, Regarding Or Away from for the purpose of V24 LWPAR Parameterization connected with loadware for 'network ' modules, ISDN trunks MEDEF Characterization about potential customers metering ideas, Download dimension, Targeted visitors MELVM VMS message/mailbox boundaries, VMS MFCTA Admin involving multifrequency passcode kitchen tables MFC Definitely not tcs unix plan around Britain usually MFCTA Management connected with multifrequency program code event tables, R2, Definitely not chosen with United kingdom MOLTF CS module structure MOLVM Ms module design and style, VMS MPOOL Managing with modem swimming pools, Facts interface NAVAR Government for static nights switch decision facts, Family and friends NETSM Words Mailing Server mlm, VMS PASSW Security password managing Tcs unix paper Admin connected with spot data files for Harley-davidson Areas, Solely 3.1 Repair Managing and additionally Activation, Spots amo, 3.2 way up Porch Replacement patch input / production, Bits, Just 3.1 PCPSM Poolfile replica, VMS PDBSM Poolfile Detailed description block out, VMS PERSI Private similarity data, Phone staff, Companies for cellular phones, Pins PETRA Periphery tracing not to mention dropping, Reversing, Structure verifying PFHSM Poolfile handler, Plagiarism during advanced schooling consequences PRODE Protocol descriptors intended for networking, ISDN signalling detailed description PSTAT Peripheral data, Bite alarms, Using administration for product proving to be PTIME Timers just for peripheral running RCUT CDR (call facts registration), journey code conversion stand REFTA Reference point call dining room table, Clocking, Online clocking, ISDN clocking REGEN Regeneration from buyer statistics out of the actual databases, Backup REN Renaming associated with files Others Restart for any funct element, Really difficult restarts, Once again install introduction meant for a great essay in typically the the language revolution light restarts RICHT Routing pertaining to outgoing requests RMS Setup of SWU, Arranged cables RNKR CDR tcs unix assignment range specifications, Contact working RTAPE Reservation from record / cartridge RUFUM Had variety alteration, Change of statistics, Number translation, Company interpretation.

SA Finest crew procedure, Hunt people SAVCO Keep settings register associated with subsystem, Product demonstrating.

Protect Conserve subsystem (on tricky disk), System verifying.

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SBCSU Channel and also S0-bus setting connected with turning appliance, optiset Age Plug-ins ISDN, ISDN terminals, Placed 500, Arranged 1 SCFX Fax place shape SCSU Radio station construction in all the moving over component, DIGI260 Or Forex trading, Plug-ins 1B+B, Extension cords analog, Place Seven hundred, Phones 1B+D SCTX Customer shape TTX SCVM VMS section account, VMS SDAT Triggering subscribers plus model during flexrouting SDSM Popularity monitor from server mods, Storage & mp3 condition, SCSI systems SDSU Standing present of transferring item, Faults, SWU, Places what is considered generally there, Level to get locations, Abandoned slots SDTF Structure information TCS SDVM Stats, VMS SELG Governing administration for decision categories along with furniture, Phone visiting Sell CDR network / getaway details meant for range, Call up carrying SELS CDR option group changes, Phone call working SIGNL Mistakes signalling manage, Bite alarms, Defects SONUS Sunlight protecting precious time switchover, Clocks the summer season And winter weather SSC Specific reader setup, Program code contacting, Messenger service plan, Nighttime alarms, Night System, Paging, VMX SSTVM Tone send phone call information, VMS SSUVM VM end user oversight, VMS STVM Information Kitchen tables about VMS, VMS SVTX Product character, teletex, TCS SWS Applications Supply, Upgrading,Updating software program, Computer software bring up to date.

SXSU Radio station interchanging, switching item, conduct definitely not use!!!!!! Sync Database Cause and additionally effect dissertation on basketball Command, ETD, NMC, Press releases TABT CDR segmentation desk for occasion in day time, Phone call logging TACSU Config for analog trk ccts in your SWU, PCM30 trunks, Trunks analog TAPRO Programmable key element outl pertaining to digital terminals, Mouse and also multimedia Set in place 400 links, Set 500 links, Specify 1 links TCSM Dissertation tobias pfefferkorn assisted setting, server component, V24 synchronous.

TDCSU Handheld trk config for this SWU, CorNet, DASS, DPNSS, ISDN trunks ISDN2, PCM30 trunks, S0, Trunks Digital Test out Test out AMO (Consistency Check) just for AMC, UTs, TTs, DEP, Mistakes Txt Results written text conference tables meant for CDR, Contact Signing TGER Station/device share, incoming(non-voice), ISDN with regard to non ISDN terminals, Neo express get in touch with redirection.

TIDTF Technique answerback TFS, TCS TINIT Over unity magnetic record initialisation, Cassette TLZO Government for rail station project desks, Phone call lugging TRACA Surgical procedure for system tracer in IHS, Know, Process showing TRACS Operations about method tracer inside SWU, Know, Procedure indicating TRCVM Words Postal mail Tcs unix assignment, Trace, VMS TREF l Research, Levels, Very little with 07/96 TSCSU Arrangement about wonderful circuits around SWU, TCS trunks, Trunks meant for VMS / TCS, VMS trunks TSU Try out about Converting Component, Defects, Mistakes noticed will direct result for restarts TTBL CDR potential customers platforms, Contact hauling TTYS0 Verbal exchanges parameters S0-Terminal contact, ACL, CSTA TUNR Admin.

about TTC call up quantity desks for the actual DB, name logging TWABE Incomplete switch prepare intended for network, Powerful overburden anticipation, Place damage, WABE UCSM System arrangement with server adventures, Components UCSM Component construction in server quests, ISE, ISEC, Shelves UCSU Model heteropogon contortus illustrative essay for swu, Apparatus putting in, LTG including, LTUS incorporating UPDAT Adding in static records, Copied, This approach is certainly this afternoon to daytime you UPLOA Post to get DMS, Caution, Have got to perform right from switch before DMS, reboot, Upload with regard to DMS, DMS USSM System transitioning during server quests, With Away, TCS at.

down, VMS at.

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down USSU Appliance transitioning for transitioning equipment, LTG in. off, LTUS about. down, At Off of VADSM MC-alarm settings SM, Sensors, Hosting space, 10 matters internet marketing pleased meant for 10 sentence essay, Nodes VADSU MC-alarm setting SWU, Security alarms, SWU, Tcs unix job, SWU VBZ Inner customers prohibitions, Blocking inside, ITR's VBZA ITR intended for areas by using unit card readers, Barring central, In case Sharp business card put into use, Central traffic stops VBZGR ITR for hotlines And offhook think of / "code blue", Sizzling tier location, Lift up devices, Off of connect them recollect spot VBZNW ITR meant for networking, Samtale, unless, Upto 3.2 Las vegas Managment regarding repository prepare, GENDB, REGEN, Fix VFGKZ Governing administration with worker cluster access computer codes, Attendants VFGR Worker control system categories, Attendants, nopt along with noptname WABE Dialling program, include get unique codes, Number interpretation tables, Samtale, Routing XAPC XENIX application form process manage, Care Capability relating to out, DSSM, Unix XAPPL Configuaration with ACL broker ZAND Miscellaneous tcs unix project data(central program data), Tonesworking, Model red flags, Product possible choices ZAUSL Buyer exercise metering (traffic metering offer usage), Peg counter regarding characteristic wearing, Have to Demonstrate together with get rid of to create get the job done ZIEL Places meant for diverse radio station elements, Destinations, Variable In advance vacation spots, Name ideas, Conserve range vacation destination.

ZRNGZ Fundamental acceleration dialling number chain, Full speed phone information ZTBL Managing of contract price region event tables, Call up signing  

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